Football League Tables & Standings

In terms of extents and rankings, it’s no surprise Europe houses the largest and the most exciting football leagues in the world. A place where the idea of splitting the fans originated and where major countries invested billions into football infrastructure. As time passes and as technology advances, there came the top leagues like Champions League, Premiere League, Budesliga, Serie A (Italian) and Europa League.

How did all start was a long story to tell. But we know for sure, following the complexities of top soccer leagues in Europe is kind of overwhelming and formidable task. If this is your first time to take a look at the League standings below, you’ll definitely have lots of questions to ask. It seems that someone is whispering on your ears. Look at those teams! Look out those leagues and look out those points!

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On the second tab, you can find different segments such as the Main, Home, Away, 1st Half and 2nd Half. On top of our league standings, we also provide live scores and dropping of odds in our betting platform. We have our experts to analyze picks and betting trades on daily basis. Most importantly, you can read our betting guides and tipsters in case you find difficulties in understanding how it works. Or even, you can use our betting calculator to computer for possible betting returns of the money at stake.


• P – Points (3 for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for loss)
• M – Played (a regular league played by each team twice)
• W – Won (Matches won by a team)
• D – Draw
• L – Loss matches
• G+ – Goals for (goal scored by the respective team)
• G- – Goals against(goal scored by the other team)
• GD – Goal Difference (when the team scored a total of 6 and 4 are against the difference is +2 but if the team scored 6 and 9 are against the difference is -3)